h3d foundation

The H3D Foundation aims to support African researchers and/or African research centres in the field of drug discovery and development in the following three ways:

  1. Capacity building initiatives that encompass a broad range of activities including but not limited to scientific mobility, hosting drug discovery workshops/training, supporting researchers to attend conferences/workshops, scientific mentorship to include the development of scientific skills and well as writing (for publications, grant applications) and project management skills.
  2. Network and connection building for example by expanding existing H3D/innovative pharmaceutical industry partnerships for African drug discovery scientists to gain skills and opportunities as well as bringing together governments, international partners, scientists, faith-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, traditional leaders and community leaders, to build consensus and remove barriers to participation in R&D innovation and access.
  3. Fundraising initiatives for infrastructure, mentorship programs and scientific events.

The H3D Foundation was established to complement the work of the H3D Drug Discovery and Development Centre (www.H3D.uct.ac.za), specifically in relation to capacity development that enables and unlocks the potential for sustainable drug discovery and development activities across Africa.


  • To be a convening platform and credible voice for evidence- based global health views aimed at bridging the gap between laboratory and clinical activities as well as innovation and access in Africa.
  • To build drug discovery capacity and capability development activities across Africa.
  • To unlock and leverage funding for infrastructure development for drug discovery laboratories across Africa.
  • To advocate for the use of science in job creation and to create an absorptive capacity to attract and retain talent in drug discovery related sciences.
  • To promote proactive engagement between scientists and communities in Africa.

H3D Foundation enables and unlocks the potential for sustainable drug discovery and development across Africa